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Today’s life pro tip. When the pavement ends, without warning, do not continue on. Even if the map you looked at said the road goes through to a road you know is paved.

At first, when I got stuck, I tried to dig myself out. No luck. So I called USAA roadside assistance. They immediately dispatched a tow truck. A few minutes later, I got a call from the guy from the tow company. He asks: “You passed the fairgrounds?” Yep. “Are you past the church?” Yep. “One or two one-lane bridges?” Two. “Did you pass the state hunting grounds?” Nope. “I know exactly where you’re at. I used to live out that way. I’ll be in my 30-foot truck, you can’t miss me. We’ll pull you out.”

It took 2 hours to pull me out and load my car on the tow truck, and then 20 minutes to get me to pavement. As we’re driving back, the tow truck driver says, “Pulled a 4X4 out of there a week or two ago.”


Going over the first (second I passed on the way in), he says, “This bridge didn’t used to have guard rails. One beer and you had to call your friends to pull you back on the road.”

Four miles closer to pavement, “Pulled a Jeep out of there about a month ago. You got pretty far.”

I responded, “I don’t do anything half-assed.”

“Nope,” he said, “you’re a pretty good driver. Is your car four-wheel drive?” Nope.

And my car, here’s a picture of Tincup Tina, the brave 1990 Mitsubishi Mirage that took me on this adventure: 

At least it was free with my USAA insurance roadside assistance. Him coming to get me 10 miles off-road was $300, plus at least $250 for the pulling me out of dirt. Nice.


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Really!?!?!?! I went out to my car this morning and the passenger seat was moved forward. Hmmm…

  1. I leave the car unlocked because fixing a broken window would total the car’s value of $300.
  2. Everything from the glove box (coupons, owner’s manual, car registration, insurance card, extra interior light bulb, extra fuse, pen from Jax Sheriff’s Office, sunglasses case, glasses cleaning rag) was strewn about the passenger seat.
  3. The only thing missing was my prescription sunglasses that I paid $60 for. Really??!!?  They were the old prescription and on the way to be donated to the Lion’s Club.
  4. You didn’t even try to steal the radio. It doesn’t work anyway, so no big deal, though at least with that I could have filed a police report.
  5. Still in the car, though moved around:
    • Umbrella
    • laundry detergent, economy size
    • brake fluid
    • engine oil
    • large container of water (1.5 gallons)
    • 1-liter water bottle
    • 2 bags of clothes for the Goodwill
    • a box full of canvas tote bags
    • Rocawear flannel
    • a beach bag with a beach towel, floppy hat, sunblock, and flip flops

You may think that because you have my address from the registration and insurance (if you were bright enough to write it down as you didn’t take any of these), you will now be able to tell when I’m gone. Wrong. I’ll be parking elsewhere for the next month or so. And my neighbor, who is currently unemployed, knows what happened. He has a German Shepard. He’s home all day. And he’ll be watching my place. Also, I have a very flexible work schedule, so I’ll be stopping by the apartment unexpectedly several times a day the rest of this week.

To the jerk who trashed my car: don’t worry, you will be caught for something else. As your actions show, you aren’t the brightest bulb and that will eventually get you caught. As a friend is fond of saying, Karma is a goddess.

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Poor Ignored Blog!

I have been busy moving and starting work in FL.  I’ll start updating the blog regularly next week with a new schedule.

Work is amazing!  I have found my dream job: Reference Law Librarian.  My co-workers are awesome!

And here, enjoy a kitty picture!

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