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Poor Ignored Blog!

I have been busy moving and starting work in FL.  I’ll start updating the blog regularly next week with a new schedule.

Work is amazing!  I have found my dream job: Reference Law Librarian.  My co-workers are awesome!

And here, enjoy a kitty picture!


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Yes folks, we have a bug problem!  Not as freaky as you would think.  The cats like playing with these, and so I decided to see what they were.  A friend called them “Albert Beetles” but they’re really “Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs“!!

Lily’s fascination with the crack underneath the counters has now been explained as watching for the bugs to come out on “warm” winter days.  Apparently, this pest is a growing problem for gardens from New Jersey to Florida to Oregon!  Wow!

No, I don’t have pictures of this, I’m not sure you’d want to see them anyway!  The links do have pictures though!

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New Blogging Schedule

So, I’ve been lax in blogging this year, so I’m gonna set up a new blogging schedule:

  • Misc. Mondays – just something random
  • Wordless Wednesdays – a picture or 2
  • Caturday! – Cat pictures on Saturday

Of course, if anything exciting happens, I’ll add it in between!

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I love the snow, don’t get me wrong, but there are some definite winners and losers in how this blizzard and aftermath have been handled!


City of Pittsburgh – they ran out of salt (they’re now using sand which is not as great), they have failed to plow all of the major arterials in the city, leaving an ankle-high mucky and muddy and street to cross.  Get it together!  I would expect this if there were 2 feet of snow dumped in Seattle – they aren’t used to that, but here we do get snow!  Learn to plan!

University of Pittsburgh – Snow closures on Saturday, with no announcement on the website or to employees until mid-day.  Open on Sunday (WTF?), and closed on Monday, only with the announcement a small sidebar on the main web page after 10 pm – no notice via social media, email, or even a flashing banner across the web page!  Grrr..  And what was with that being open on Sunday?  What, support staff who work then can trudge in, but when the bosses might have to come in, well they’re too good to trudge through the snow?  Give me a break and get a contingency plan in place for snow storms and other emergencies!


CLP – The library was fabulous in that they announcements for closings was across the top of the main website and reported to the media!  I’m so proud of you, but next time, also include it in your twitter feed, okay?

Port Authority – THANK YOU!!  Announcements on the main webpage, press releases to the media outlets, and a twitter feed with a direct link to a mobile-readable website of bus routes up and running!!  All date and time stamped so you knew if it had been updated since you saw it last!!  And they did get some buses running limited schedules on Saturday!  Amazing drivers – next time you want a pay raise, I’m raising hell and reminding Burghers that you were the ones who got us moving first during the aftermath of this storm!

Neighbors and Neighborhoods – Saturday was magical as we were all out trouncing and playing around in the snow in the middle of the block.  we worried about the trees/power-lines situation, we took pictures, we commiserated over how awful yet wonderful it was!  Thank you, it could have been horrible or boring, but we made it fun!

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The man walking in the snow is my neighbor who is about 6-foot tall.

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Perfect Strangers

I loved the show as a kid (yes, I’ve always had bad taste in TV!).  And now, these zany folks made a “Seattle” edition intro.

And the side-by-side comparison:

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How to Go Out in the Snow

(a true story of my quest last week to make dinner)

Step 1: Get dressed – granny panties, bra, silk/wool/thermal long underwear, 2 pairs wool socks, pants, long-sleeve shirt, sweater.

Step 2: Ensure you have everything you need for the trip – wallet, keys, phone, shopping list.

Step 3: Finish getting dressed – in the entryway, put on your hat with ear flaps, scarf, and jacket/coat.  Take off the scarf and jacket/coat to put on your boots.  Put on your scarf, jacket/coat, gloves and mittens.  Realize you forgot the trash; take off gloves and mittens and get trash.

Step 4: Go outside.  Isn’t it pretty?  Realize half a block later you are still carrying the trash and go back to put it in the dumpster.  Then put on gloves and mittens.

Step 5: Walking in the snow.  Avoid the ice, if you can see it.  Realize you are still walking even though you can’t hear your feet on the snow and you can’t feel your legs.

Step 6: Slide through the intersections, trying to avoid falling.  If you must fall, try landing on your butt as you have extra padding there.

Step 7: Realize that your wet butt makes you look like you peed your pants.  Try drying it off with your gloved and mittened hands to no avail.

Step 8: Watch for cars trying to parallel park on the road next to you – they will splatter you with road muck and not give a shit.

Step 9: Hate yourself for ever having moved from Southern California.

Step 10: Arrive at the store and take off your mittens and gloves if you can.

Step 11: Realize you forgot your grocery list.  Shop anyway, knowing that the normally 10 minute walk took twice that long and fear that you will be frostbitten if you go back for it.

Step 11: At the store, don’t take off your hat or scarf as this will release the body heat you have trapped in.

Step 12: Grab a piping hot cup of coffee or cocoa at the store.  Smile at yourself knowing you are awesome for having remembered the important things on your list.

Step 13: Check out, put your items in a reusable bag, put on your gloves and mittens. Go back inside because you left your coffee/cocoa at the register.

Step 14: Think “this isn’t so bad.” And promptly fall on your ass in the middle of the street, splashing lukewarm coffee/cocoa on your coat/jacket, scarf, mittens, and pants.

Step 15: Count the streets from the main intersection to find your street because the street signs are covered with snow.

Step 16: Avoid the car sliding towards you.  Jump behind the tree, spilling the now cold coffee/cocoa on you as you fall on your ass again.

Step 17: Brush yourself off and realize you miscounted the streets from the main intersection.

Step 18: Walk back to the main intersection and count the streets again.

Step 19: As you’re walking down your street, your glasses fog up; not a problem as there’s nothing but white to see.

Step 20: Realize the only footprints in the snow are yours from when you walked to the store.

Step 21: Walk up the outside stairs, carefully and without holding onto the handrail because it’s covered with snow.

Step 22: Dig your keys out from your bag.  Remove your mittens and try finding the keys.  Remove one glove and get the keys in the locks.

Step 23: Slide across the common, uncarpeted landing as your neighbors didn’t shake out their boots when they came in.

Step 24: In the entryway, remove your jacket/coat, scarf, hat, sweater, boots, socks, and wet pants.

Step 25: Get changed because everything you are currently wearing is wet.

Step 26: Realize you left your phone and keys in your jacket/coat pockets; go to entryway to retrieve them.

Step 27: Unpack the groceries and realize you forgot a key ingredient for dinner.  Try to figure out something else to cook.

Step 28: Get ready to go to store again.  Repeat from Step 1.

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